Major League Baseball All-Star Game

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In Major League Baseball, the All-Star Game is the game between the best players from the American League (AL) and the National League (NL). The game is held in July of each season. Beginning with the 2003 All Star Game, The winner of the game gets home field advantage in the World Series. The National League has won the All-Star Game forty-two times. The American League has won it thirty-eight times. There have been two ties.

Recent results[change | change source]

Year Winner Score
2003 AL 7-6
2004 AL 9-4
2005 AL 7-5
2006 AL 3-2
2007 AL 5-4
2008 AL 4-3 (15 INN)
2009 AL 4-3
2010 NL 3-1
2011 NL 5-1