Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
A Boeing 777 in Malaysia Airlines livery just after lifting off the runway
The missing aircraft pictured in December 2011
Date8 March 2014 (2014-03-08);
10 years, 1 month and 1 day ago
SummaryInconclusive, some debris found
SiteIndian Ocean, probably southern
Aircraft typeBoeing 777-200ER
OperatorMalaysia Airlines
IATA flight No.MH370
ICAO flight No.MAS370
Call signMalaysian 370
Flight originKuala Lumpur International Airport
DestinationBeijing Capital International Airport

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370)[1] is a missing Malaysia Airlines international passenger flight.[2] The aircraft had 227 passengers and twelve crew members on board.[3]

Flight[change | change source]

Flight 370 left Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at 00:41 on 8 March 2014 (MST; UTC+8) for a scheduled six-hour flight to Beijing Capital International Airport. Subang Air Traffic Control Centre lost contact with the plane at about 01:22, while it was over the Gulf of Thailand. It was reported missing at 02:40.[4]

Investigation[change | change source]

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation investigated to see if terrorism was involved. Two passengers, one from Austria and another one from Italy, were named on the manifest but they were discovered not to have been on board. Their passports had been stolen.[5] Malaysian authorities found identity of two other passengers to be false.[6][7]

Government statements[change | change source]

On 24 March 2014, officials with both Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysian government stated that while the aircraft's whereabouts were still not known, "unparalleled" analyses by the United Kingdom's Air Accidents Investigation Branch and UK satellite company Inmarsat indicated that it had crashed into the southern Indian Ocean. It was presumed by these officials that all 239 people aboard died.[8][9][10]

People on board[change | change source]

People on board by nationality
Nationality Number
 Australia 6
 Belgium 4
 Canada 2
 China 153
 France 4
 Germany 4
 Hong Kong 1
 India 5
 Indonesia 7
 Iran 2
 Malaysia 50
 Netherlands 1
 New Zealand 2
 Philippines 3
 Russia 1
 Taiwan 1
 Ukraine 2
 United Kingdom 10
 United States 4
Total (15 nations and regions) 239

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