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EP by
ReleasedMarch 9, 2012 (2012-03-09)
GenreK-pop, dance
LanguageKorean, Chinese
LabelS.M. Entertainment
ProducerLee Soo-man
Exo chronology
Mama 'XOXO
Singles from Mama
  1. "What Is Love"
    Released: January 30, 2012
  2. "History"
    Released: March 9, 2012
  3. "Mama"
    Released: April 8, 2012

Mama (stylized as MAMA) is the first mini-album of South Korean band EXO, produced and released by S.M. Entertainment on April 9, 2012.[1] It has two editions: by EXO-K Korean version and the Chinese version by EXO-M.[2] The album made its debut at position number one on Gaon Chart.[3]

The album was produced by Lee Soo-man, who is also the main producer of the group. The title of the album is a term that is commonly used in Korea in one person in the family, similar to "your Highness" or "your Majesty". The main single was composed by Yoo Young-jin, who is also the co-author of other singles of the mini album, "What Is Love" and "History"

Track listing[change | change source]

No. Title Composer Length
1. "MAMA" (kor. 마마) Yoo Young-jin 4:31
2. "What Is Love" Yoo Young-jin 4:22
3. "History" Yoo Young-jin 3:32
4. "Neoui Sesang-euro (Angel)" (kor. 너의 세상으로 (Angel)) Jo Yoon-gyeong 3:01
5. "Du Gaeui Dari Ddeuneun Bam (Two Moons)" (kor. 두 개의 달이 뜨는 밤 (Two Moons)) Misfit 3:03
6. "Machine" Misfit 3:26
No Title Composer Length
1. "MAMA" (kor. 마마) Wang Yajun 4:31
2. "What Is Love" Han Kilin 4:22
3. "History" Liu Yuan 3:32
4. "Nǐ De Shìjiè (Angel)" (chiń. 你的世界 (Angel)) Michie, Liu Yuan 3:01
5. "Shuāng Yuè Zhī Yè (Two Moons)" (chiń. 双月之夜 (Two Moons)) T-Crash 3:03
6. "Machine" Zhou Weijie 3:26

Charts[change | change source]

EXO-K version[change | change source]

Chart Peak
Gaon Weekly Album Chart 1[3]
Gaon Monthly Album Chart 1[4]
Gaon Yearly Album Chart 7[5]
Sino Chart 17
Japan Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 33
Billboard World Albums Chart 8

EXO-M version[change | change source]

Chart Peak
Gaon Weekly Album Chart 6[3]
Gaon Monthly Album Chart 6[4]
Gaon Yearly Album Chart 16[5]
Gaon International Yearly Album Chart 1[6]
Sino Chart 7
Japan Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 63
Billboard World Albums Chart 12

Sales[change | change source]

Ranking Sales
Japan (Oricon) 10485 (Chinese ver.)
35771 (Korean ver.)
South Korea (Hanteo) 85800 (Chinese ver.)
150300 (Korean ver.)
South Korea (Gaon) 157940 (Chinese ver.)
245871 (Korean ver.)

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