Manco Cápac

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Manco Cápac
Manco Cápac
Colonial image of Manco Cápac
Diedc. 1230
Cusco, Peru
Years activec. 1200 – c. 1230
Spouse(s)Mama Ocllo or Mama Cello (sister)
ChildrenSinchi Roca (son)
Parent(s)Inti and Mama Quilla

Manco Cápac (died circa 1230) was the first of the fourteen Inca rulers of Peru. He started the Inca empire.

As he says it, his legend started at the waters of Lake Titicaca, when he was told by the sun god to go East to set up his empire. As they walked looking for a good place, Manco taught men to farm, hunt, and fish while Mama Ocllo, his wife taught women to work with wool and cotton. Near Cusco, as his sacred golden staff sank in the ground, Manco decided this was to be the capital city of his empire.