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Marc Dutroux (born 6 November 1956 in Ixelles / Elsene) is a Belgian criminal. He has been convicted because he kidnapped and tortured six girls, between eight and 19 years old. He murdered four of them, two eight year old girls starved while he was in prison. He was arrested in 1989 for abducting and raping five young girls. For this he was imprisoned; he was released in 1992. He was imprisoned from December 1995 until March 1996. He was arrested in August 1996 and has remained imprisoned since then. The court convicted him in June 2004 and sentenced him to serve life in prison for the three murders (girls of 17 and 18 years old, and of his accomplice 43 years old). His wife was convicted of serving 30 years, for starving the 8 year olds.

Dutroux has committed many crimes, including theft, robbery and drug dealing. The media showed him mostly as a pedophile.[1] The final report compiled by four doctors said he was not a pedophile, rather he was a psychopath, who had lost feelings when he was confronted with violence.[2]

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