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Marcelo Spina

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Marcelo Spina
Born(1970-07-23)July 23, 1970
Rosario, Argentina
Occupation(s)Architect, Educator
SpouseGeorgina Huljich

Marcelo Spina (born July 23, 1970) is an Argentinean-American architect (AIA) and educator.[1] He is a partner in Los Angeles-based architecture firm PATTERNS, which he founded in 2002. Since 2001, he has been a Design and Applied Studies Faculty at SCI-Arc.[2]


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He holds a B.Arch. from the National University of Rosario, Argentina (1994) and a Master in Advanced Architectural Design from the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation of Columbia University in New York (1997).[2]

Spina has worked for RUR Architects and Keller Easterling in New York and Gerardo Caballero Architects.[3] He opened his own office Banchini + Spina Arquitectos in Rosario, Argentina (1998-2002).[4][5] At SCI-Arc, he was the coordinator of the Applied Studies Program from 2005 to 2009[6] and the Architectural Technologies Postgraduate Program from 2011 to 2019.[7] He has been a member of the Board of Trustees since 2016.[8]

Juries and advisory

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He has served on national juries and advisory boards such as The Architectural League of New York, Progressive Architecture Awards and the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize.[9][10] He has been a visiting professor at the Universities of Pennsylvania, Syracuse, Harvard, Berkeley, Vienna, Innsbruck, and Di Tella among others.[11][12][13][14] In 2013, he was the Louis I. Kahn visiting assistant professor of Architectural Design at Yale University School of Architecture.[14]

As co-author

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Spina is the co-author of PATTERNS Embedded (ACDCU, 2010),[15] Material Beyond Materials (SCI-Arc Press 2012) [16] and Mute Icons and other Dichotomies of the Real in Architecture (Princeton 2016).[17][18] He co-curated Matters of Sensation at Artists Space with Georgina Huljich.[19]


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  • Jujuy Redux Apartment in Rosario, Argentina (2012)[20]
  • Prism Gallery in Los Angeles, California (2009)[21]
  • Zhixin Hybrid office building in Chengdu, China (2010)[22][23]
  • FYF Residence in Rosario, Argentina (2009)[24]
  • League of Shadows even structure in Los Angeles, California (2013)[25][26]
  • MOCA Textile Room Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA (2012)[27]
  • The White Album Performance, New York, NY & Los Angeles, CA (2019)[28]
  • Land Tiles Temporary Installation, Los Angeles, CA (2003)[29]
  • Snake-Rice Sculpture, Icheon, South Korea (2003)[30]
  • Jujuy 2056 Apartment in Rosario, Argentina (2003) [31][32]

Awards and Recognition

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2019: AIA LA Merit Award, Casa del Sol, Mykonos

2017: AIA LA Merit Award, Janoian Medical Building, Glendale, CA

2016: AIA LA Merit Award, Victory Healthcare, North Hollywood, CA[33]

2015: ACSA Faculty Award, Toronto, Canada[34]

2014: American Architecture Award, The Chicago Athenaeum, Jujuy Redux, with MSA[33]

2013: United States Artists Grigor Fellow, Los Angeles[35]

2012: Honorable Mention, Jujuy Redux, AIA Annual Design Review[36] AIA LA Merit Award, Jujuy Redux, Rosario, Argentina[37] AIA LA Honor Award, Collective Void Dormitory, Puerto Rico[38][39] First Prize, SCI-Arc Graduation Pavilion Competition, Los Angeles, CA[40]

2011: Emerging Voices, Architectural League of New York, NY[3]

2008: Graham Foundation Grant, "Matters of Sensation" Artists Space, New York, NY[41]

2007: Honorific Mention, International Competition, Skopje Concert Hall, Skopje, Macedonia[42]

2006: First Prize, Vertical Garden Invited Competition, MAK Center at the Schindler House, Los Angeles, CA[30]

2004: Design Vanguard Selection, Architectural Record, New York, NY[43]

2003: First Prize, SCI_Arc CafÈ, SCI-Arc Faculty Competition, Los Angeles, CA[44] Third Prize, Young Architect of the Year Award, International Award Competition, Building Design, London, UK[45]

1997: Honor Award for Excellence in Design, Columbia University, GSAPP, New York, NY[46] William Kinne Prize[47]

Among other places, his designs have most notably been exhibited at the Venice Biennale in Italy,[48] MOCA,[49] The Chicago Biennial,[50] The MAK Museum,[51] The Art Institute of Chicago,[52] and the San Francisco MOMA.[53]


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