Marcha Real

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La Marcha Real (English translation: The Royal March) was first published in 1761. It has sometimes been the national anthem (country's song) of Spain. When Francisco Franco ruled Spain, new lyrics were written for it. Those words are no longer official. It is one of only four national anthems in the world (our planet Earth) that does not have official words, only music.

Lyrics sometimes used[change | change source]

In Spanish (ES)[change | change source]

¡Viva España! Cantemos todos juntos

Con distinta voz

Y un solo corazón .

¡Viva España! desde los verdes valles

Al inmenso mar,

Un himno de hermandad.

Ama a la patria pues sabe abrazar,

Bajo su cielo azul,

Pueblos en libertad

Gloria a los hijos

Que a la Historia dan

Coat of Arms of Spain

Justicia y grandeza democracia y paz.