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Minco in 1981

Marga Minco (pseudonym of Sara Menco, born 31 March 1920) is a Dutch journalist and writer. Her real surname was Menco, but an official accidentally switched the first vowel. She was born in Ginneken to an Orthodox Jewish family. In 1957 Minco published her first book, Het bittere kruid (nl) ("The bitter herb"). The title of her later book was Een leeg huis ("An empty house").

Awards[change | change source]

  • 1957 – Bureau voor Postreclame en Adressen De Mutator N.V. Short-story Prize for Het adres
  • 1958 – Vijverberg Prize for Het bittere kruid
  • 1999 – Annie Romein Prize for her entire oeuvre
  • 2005 – Constantijn Huygens Prize for her entire oeuvre

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