Maria Cristina National High School

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Maria Cristina National High School
Sawali, Maria Cristina
Iligan City, Philippines
Established 1972
Principal Mrs. Josephine B. Badlon, MA.Ed
Number of students approx. 600
Medium of language English, Cebuano
Campus 3 hectares (7.4 acres)
Affiliations Division of City Schools - Iligan City

Mission[change | change source]

An institution of learning committed to provide quality education to all students and enable them to be responsible and productive members of the community imbued with the values of patriotism and nationalism, develop moral character and personal discipline and promote technological advancement and vocational efficiency.

History[change | change source]

Maria Cristina National High School was formerly known as Maria Cristina Barangay High School. The opening of said Barangay High School was based on the provision of RA 6050, otherwise known as the Barrio High School. In this event, request to open a barangay high school in Barangay Maria Cristina was initiated by the Barangay Captain with a joint petition of the residents of said barangay.

With its approval, the Maria Cristina Barangay High School was established during the year 1972 of June with 183 students man with 5 teachers. There were 2 sections in first year and one section in second year as a start. There were classes held at the barangay hall and 2 classes at the elementary school. The school grows in population causing the PTA to construct a temporary classroom made of nipa to accommodate enrollees on the following school year.

Due to the growing population, additional teachers were hired. What started with 3 sections man with 5 teachers become 17 sections man with 26 teachers funded under local school board and majority were funded by the national government.

At present, the school has already 11 sets of computers and other facilities needed by the growing population. There is already a 3 hectare lot owned by the National Power Corporation as the new school site of Maria Cristina National High School. A Memorandum of Agreement was signed between the National Transmission Corporation (TRANSCO) and the Local School Board of Iligan City Division to allow the usage of the unutilized portion of the lot of cadastral lot number 292, a land reserved for the project of National Power Corporation (NPC) by virtue of Proclamation Number 335 as the site of Maria Cristina National High School.

It is the school’s desire to develop the new site in order for the school to transfer and grow in terms of population, buildings, facilities and school equipment. Last June, 2004, the new site was being occupied by the fourth year students first due to the existence of two buildings with 6 classrooms only. However, at present, all the year levels already utilized the said site.

With the joint effort of the school and its stakeholders the dream to be all together at the designated new site of Maria Cristina National High School is now realized.