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Maria Holl

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Fountain dedicated to Maria Holl, in Nördlingen

Maria Holl (* 1549 in Altenstadt near Geislingen an der Steige, in Germany; † 1634) was an inn-keeper in Nördlingen. She was accused of witchcraft, but she did not confess to a crime, despite the torture. After this, she was released, and cleared of the accusations.

Because she was very successful running the tavern, she was accused of witchcraft. In total, she was tortured 62 times. At all times she only confessed to God. No matter what was done to her, she could not be made to say to have a pact with the devil. Many citizens of Nördlingen were in favour of her. She was cleared of the accusations on October 11, 1594. She was among the last people to be tried for Witchcraft, in Nördlingen.

Maria Holl died in 1634, probably from the Plague.