Mariner 1

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Mariner 1
Atlas Agena with Mariner 1.jpg
Launch of Mariner 1
Mission type Venus flyby
Operator NASA / JPL
Mission duration 4 minutes, 53 seconds
Failed to orbit
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft type Mariner[source?]
based on Ranger Block I
Manufacturer Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Launch mass 202.8 kilograms (447 lb)
Power 220 watts (at Venus encounter)
Start of mission
Launch date July 22, 1962, 09:21:23 (1962-07-22UTC09:21:23Z) UTC
Rocket Atlas LV-3 Agena-B
Launch site Cape Canaveral LC-12

Mariner 1 was a NASA spacecraft. It was the first spacecraft in the Mariner program. Mariner 1 was planned to do a Venus fly-by. However, it was destroyed by the Range Safety Officer 293 seconds after launch. It was destroyed because the rocket moved off course and was a safety risk. Mariner 1 was followed by Mariner 2.

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