Mario Salieri

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Mario Salieri

Mario Salieri (born November 29, 1957) is an Italian pornographic movie director and producer. He was born in Naples, Italy.

Salieri started his adult movie career with semi-amateur movies shot in Amsterdam for the Italian market. Since the early 1990s, he has directed and written many adult erotic titles. He was known for his movies La Dolce Vita (2003), Faust (2002), Casino (2001), Clinica della vergogna, La (1995), Eros e Tanatos (1995), Dracula (1994), Sceneggiata napoletana (1994), Adolescenza perversa (1993), Arabika (1992), Discesa all'inferno (1991), Napoli - Parigi, linea rovente 1 & 2 (1991), Roma Connection (1991) and Roman Orgies - Italian Perversions.

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