Marlene Favela

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Marlene Favela
Silvia Marlene Favela Meraz

(1976-08-05) August 5, 1976 (age 47)
Occupation(s)Actress, model
RelativesCarmen, Mabel, Alan, Deborah and Alejandro (siblings)

Silvia Marlene Favela Meraz (born on August 5, 1976 in Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango, Mexico) is a Mexican actress and model She is known for acting in many soap operas. These include Gata Salvaje, El Zorro, the Sword and the Rose, The Heirs of Mount and 's face Vengeance. She was also in the American movie Species - The Awakening.

Biography[change | change source]

Favela started in show business as a model. She later studied at Centro de Educación Artística (Center of Arts Education) of Televisa in Mexico City. Favela made a first appearance as a cheerleader of a television program called Shrimp that falls Asleep.

Later, she began to work with soap operas. These included The Beach House, Baby Face, The Intruder and Between love and hate. Her first success came with Wildcat, because, previously, had always done roles; telenovela starring latter earned her the nickname "wildcat " for the general public.

She has also worked in theater with actors like Helena Rojo and Julio German, in Again, Sam and are unfaithful and do not look who. She was a presenter of a program called Meridian X, which dealt about extreme sports.

Later in soap operas and always participated in Bridal Veil, where facing the co-starring role, produced by Juan Osorio. She was in Ruby, under the production of José Alberto Castro, playing the character of Sonia, along with Barbara Mori

After these appearances she returned to star in a soap opera, with Against all odds, playing the character of Natalia Rios.

She starred in the telenovela Zorro, the Sword and the Rose was the first soap opera in history to HD, this is the most ambitious project of her career so far. The show was by Telemundo in collaboration with Sony Pictures and with a remarkable cast of actors like Christian Meier and Harry Geithner.

During 2008-2009 she took a break, in which she rejected the title roles of Doña Bella (RCN) and Beware the angel (Televisa ) with William Levy

In 2011 she returned to screens of Telemundo to star in the telenovela Del Monte Heirs again with Mario Cimarro. This production was recorded in Colombia and has actors such as Jose Luis Resendez, Roberto Mateos, and Natasha Klauss, among others.

In Hollywood she acted in the movie Species - The Awakening, with stars such as:Helena Mattsson, Adam Wylie, Ben Cross, Marco Bacuzzi and Dominic Keating.

In 2012 she returns to screens Venevision to star in the Passions of the Heart in which she won the lead role in history alongside Guy Ecker and Susana Dosamantes. This production is recorded in Miami and has actors Lorena Meritano, Daniela Navarro, Dayana Garroz, Carlos Guillermo Haydon among others. In late August, after signing an exclusive contract with Telemundo, the actress performs a dual role in The Bruiser Where does a star / antagonize melodrama after the end of the characters in Maritza Rodriguez and Elizabeth Gutierrez

Personal life[change | change source]

She maintained a relationship from 2009 to 2010 with Jorge Kahwagi. Currently in a relationship with Guy Davidyan.

Stroke[change | change source]

Marlene Favela, suffered a stroke On July 27 of 2012.

The actress was at her home in Miami when she began to feel a tingling in the hands, nausea, dizziness, difficulty speaking, so immediately went to hospital. Favela thought she was poisoned by eating seafood, but it turned out she had a stroke that could have been fatal, but thanks to the quick intervention of doctors was saved. In the hospital, Favela underwent surgery for intracranial bleeding caused by a congenital disease. The actress says that she could have gone blind or died.

Filmography[change | change source]

Year Teleserie Character Channel role
1995 Maria Jose Deborah Televisa Secondary
1997 María Isabel Patricia Televisa Secondary
1998 That's life Mariana Televisa Secondary
1999 DKDA teaser Gina Televisa Secondary
1999 Hell in Paradise Patricia Televisa Secondary
1999 Women deceived Leticia Televisa Secondary
1999 For Your Love Monica Televisa Secondary
2000 The Beach House Malena Nuñez Televisa Secondary
2000 Angel Face Ambar Ferrer Televisa Secondary
2001 The Intruder Guadalupe Rojas Televisa Secondary
2001 Christmas without end Cuquis Televisa Secondary
2002 Between love and hate Cecilia Televisa Secondary
2002 Wildcat Rosaura Ríos Olivares Venevision Bio
2003 Bridal Veil Angeles Villaseñor Televisa Co-starring
2004 Ruby Sonia Chavarria Gonzalez Televisa Special Performance
2005 Against all odds Natalia Ríos Televisa Bio
2007 Love without makeup Josefina Cárdenas "Pina" Televisa Bio
2007 Zorro, the Sword and the Rose Esmeralda Sánchez de Moncada Telemundo Stellar Protagonist
2011 The heirs Del Monte Paula del Monte Telemundo Bio antagonistic
2012 Heart passionate Patricia Miranda Campos Venevision Bio
2012 The Bruiser Alicia Ferrer / Eva Samaniego Telemundo Protagonist / antagonist

Television[change | change source]

Movie[change | change source]

Year movie Character role
2008 Playball - (Dominican Republic) Elena Protagonist
2007 Species: The Awakening - (United States) Azura Antagonist

Theatre[change | change source]

  • Again, Sam
  • Be Unfaithful and Who Do Not Look

Awards and nominations[change | change source]

Year Award Category Telenovela Outcome
2007 ACE Awards 'Best TV actress scenic Zorro, the Sword and the Rose Won
2002 Awards El Heraldo de Mexico Best Breakout The Intruder Nominated

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