Marsimik La

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Marsimik La
Marsimik La is located in Ladakh
Marsimik La
Location of Marsimik La in Ladakh
Marsimik La is located in India
Marsimik La
Marsimik La (India)
Elevation5,582 m (18,314 ft)[1]
LocationLadakh, India
Coordinates34°05′36″N 78°37′04″E / 34.09333°N 78.61778°E / 34.09333; 78.61778Coordinates: 34°05′36″N 78°37′04″E / 34.09333°N 78.61778°E / 34.09333; 78.61778

Marsimik La, elevation 5,582 metres (18,314 ft), is a high mountain pass in the Chang-Chemno Range in northern Kashmir (India). There is a road over this pass, over which suitably adapted vehicles have been driven, but it is not a motorable pass in the sense that the road is not in good enough condition to permit transit by normal vehicles.

If it were motorable, it would be the highest motorable pass in Kashmir, but reports suggest that there are probably higher motorable passes in Tibet.

Located 16 km northeast of the northwest tip of Pangong Lake, the pass is on the shortest route from there to the contested Kongka La (Pass) area 42 km farther northeast on the China - Occupied Kashmir line of actual control. Marsimik La is four km west of the sharp 6000 to 6500 meter ridge line forming the line of actual control.

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