Martin Schumacher

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Martin Schumacher

Martin Schumacher (born June 28, 1950) is a German statistician.

Life and work[change | change source]

Martin Schumacher graduated from the University of Dortmund in mathematics and statistics in 1974. He stayed in Dortmund and earned his PhD in 1977. Between 1975 and 1979 and 1983 and 1986 he worked for Siegfried Schach. In between, he spent the years 1979-1983 at the University of Heidelberg and worked for Herbert Immich. There he became a professor in 1982, working on the analysis of survival time. In 1984 he worked as a guest professor at the University of Washington in Seattle (USA). After returning to Dortmund he was offered a position at the University Medical Center Freiburg. He became the head of an institute from April 1986 until his retirement in May 2017.

A focus of Martin Schumacher was the training and mentorship of young researchers. The book "Methodik Klinischer Studien" (Methodology of Clinical Trials) by Schumacher and Schulgen is the first book on this topic in German and the standard textbook in Germany.

Martin Schumacher is the author or co-author of over 250 scientific publications. He helped more than 20 people to get their PhD.

Publications[change | change source]

  • Methodik klinischer Studien: Methodische Grundlagen der Planung, Durchführung und Auswertung. Martin Schumacher, Gabi Schulgen, Springer 2008.
  • Competing Risks and Multistate Models with R. Jan Beyersmann, Arthur Allignol, Martin Schumacher, Springer 2012.

Honors[change | change source]

  • Bradford Hill Memorial Lecture (2012) [1]
  • Honorary member of the German Chapter of the International Biometrical Society (2014) [2]
  • Honorary member of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (2015) [3]
  • Honorary Life Member of the International Biometric Society (2018) [4]

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