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In traditional tack

The Marwari or Malani[1] is a rare breed of horse from the Marwar (or Jodhpur) region of Rajasthan, in north-west India.

Imperial history[change | change source]

The period of British colonial rule hastened the Marwari's fall from dominance, as did the eventual independence of India. The British preferred other breeds, and tried to eliminate the Marwari, along with the Kathiawari.[2][3] Britons living in India instead preferred thoroughbreds and polo ponies, and reduced the reputation of the Marwari to the point where even the inward-turning ears of the breed were mocked as the "mark of a native horse".[4]

Uses[change | change source]

The Marwari horse is a riding horse; it may also be used for shows, horse safaris, sport, ceremonial & religious purposes, and during earlier days in war.[5] Within the Marwari horse breed was a strain known as the Natchni, believed by local people to be "born to dance". Decorated in silver, jewels, and bells, these horses were trained to perform complex prancing and leaping movements at many ceremonies, including weddings.[6] Although the Natchni strain is extinct today,[4] horses trained in those skills are still in demand in rural India.[6]

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