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Saito in Tokyo, 1964

Masanori Saito (斎藤 昌典, Saitō Masanori, February 1, 1942 – July 14, 2018) was a Japanese professional wrestler better known as Mr. Saito or Masa Saito (マサ斎藤).[1] He wrestled for several years in many promotions owned by the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). He was born in Tokyo.

He later joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), where he teamed with Mr. Fuji to hold the World Tag Team Championship twice. He also won the AWA World Heavyweight Championship in 1990. In Japan, Saito wrestled for both All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

In 2000, Saito was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.[2] He died of complications from the disease in Tokyo at the age of 76.[3]

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