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Master of the Queen's Music

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Master of the King's Music (or Master of the Queen's Music when the United Kingdom has a queen) is a post in the Royal Household of the King or Queen of the United Kingdom. It is the title given to one chosen composer of classical music Only one person holds the title at any one time. It is very similar to the post of Poet Laureate which is for a poet.

The Master of the King's Music is Judith Weir. Instead of being appointed for life, she was appointed for a ten-year term like her predecessor, starting March 2014. The change was to give more composers the opportunity to serve.

The Master of the King's Music has the job of composing music for special royal occasions such as anniversaries, marriages and funerals, and for special ceremonies.

The title was created in 1626 by Charles I. It was spelt Master of the King's Musick and was always spelt that way until the time of Sir Edward Elgar who was Master from 1924 to 1934.[1]

Holders of the post have been:


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