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Matariki Network of Universities

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The Matariki Network of Universities (MNU) is an international group of universities created in 2010. Each member is leading international best practice in research and education based on long academic traditions.

Matariki in the Māori language designates the Pleiades star cluster, also known as the Seven Sisters. It reflects seven founding member universities in the MNU.[1]

Universities[change | change source]

As of September 2010 the founding members of the Matariki Network of Universities are (sorted by year established):

Members Country Year Established
University of Tübingen Germany 1477
Uppsala University Sweden 1477
Dartmouth College USA 1769
Durham University UK 1832
Queen’s University Canada 1841
University of Otago New Zealand 1869
University of Western Australia Australia 1911

References[change | change source]

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