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Matej is a given name that originates from the Slavic nations of Eastern Europe. It is one of the most common male names in both Slovakia and Slovenia. It is also common in Croatia and Ukraine and less common in the Czech Republic. The name is originally derived from the evangelist disciple St. Matthew. Foreign versions of the name include Matthew in English, Mathäus in German, Matei in Romania and Matteo in Italian. Matej, being a Biblical name (see Acts 1:23) can be easily cross-referenced with the corresponding name in other languages. The Slavic pronunciation of the name consists of Matej with a soft "j". Matej in Ukraine and Russia is Matviy, and in Poland it is Maciej.

The Hebrew version of the name is Mattithyahu or Matisyahu which translate to "Gift of Yahweh" in Standard Hebrew and Tiberian Hebrew.