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Mathematical Applications Group

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Mathematical Applications Group, Inc. (a.k.a. MAGI or MAGI/SynthaVision) was an early computer technology company founded in 1966 by Dr. Philip Mittelman and located in Elmsford, New York, where it was evaluating nuclear radiation exposure.


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By modeling structures using combinatorial geometry and applying monte carlo radiation ray tracing techniques the mathematicians could estimate exposures at various distances and relative locations in and around fictional structures. In 1972, the graphics group called MAGI/SynthaVision was formed at MAGI by Robert Goldstein.

CGI animation

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It was one of four companies hired to create the CGI animation for the movie Tron. MAGI was responsible for most of the CGI animation in the first half of Tron, while Triple-I worked mainly on the second half of the movie. MAGI modeled and animated the light cycles, recognizers and tanks.