Maxim Gorky

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Maxim Gorky
Portrait of Gorky, c. 1906
Portrait of Gorky, c. 1906
Born28 March [O.S. March 16] 1868
Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Empire
Died(1936-06-18)18 June 1936 (aged 68)
Gorki Leninskiye, Moscow Oblast, Russian SFSR, USSR


Aleksei Maksimovich Peshkov (In Russian Алексей Максимович Пешков) (Old style: 16 March 1868, New style: 28 March – 18 June 1936), better known as Maxim Gorky (Максим Горький), was a Soviet/Russian author, a founder of the socialist realism literary method and a political activist.

From 1906 to 1913 and from 1921 to 1929 he lived abroad, mostly in Capri, Italy; after his return to the Soviet Union he accepted the cultural policies of the time, although he was not permitted to leave the country.

Selected Works[change | change source]

  • The Lower Depths (На дне), 1902
  • Children of the Sun (Дети солнца), 1905

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