List of mayors of Berlin

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The following list of mayors of Berlin shows all the mayors (German: Oberbürgermeister, Regierender Bürgermeister) of Berlin, Germany since 1809:

1809–1948[change | change source]

Oberbürgermeister (generally "Lord Mayor")

1948–1991 (East Berlin)[change | change source]

Mayors (German: Oberbürgermeister) of East Berlin, capital in the socialist state of German Democratic Republic.

The Mayor of Berlin (Regierender Bürgermeister von Berlin) was democratically elected in January 1991.

1948–1991 (West Berlin)[change | change source]

Governing Mayors (German: Regierender Bürgermeister von Berlin) of West Berlin (1949–90), and Berlin, capital of Germany since 1990.

Name Picture Term Party
Ernst Reuter Ernst Reuter (timbre Berlin-Ouest).jpg 1948–1953 SPD
Walther Schreiber Walther Schreiber.jpeg 1953–1955 CDU
Otto Suhr DBPB 1958 181 Otto Suhr.jpg 1955–1957 SPD
Willy Brandt Willy Brandt.jpg 1957–1966 SPD
Heinrich Albertz 1966–1967 SPD
Klaus Schütz 1967–1977 SPD
Dietrich Stobbe Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F043773-0039, Bonn, Laubenpieperfest Landesvertretung Berlin (cropped).jpg 1977–1981 SPD
Hans-Jochen Vogel Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F079276-0009, Münster, SPD-Parteitag, Vogel (cropped).jpg 1981 SPD
Richard von Weizsäcker Richard von Weizsäcker.jpg 1981–1984 CDU
Eberhard Diepgen KAS-Diepgen, Eberhard-Bild-4379-1 (cropped).jpg 1984–1989 CDU
Walter Momper Walter Momper 1990 (cropped).jpg 1989–1990 SPD

After reunification[change | change source]

Name Picture Term Party
Walter Momper Walter Momper 1990 (cropped).jpg 1990–1991 SPD
Eberhard Diepgen KAS-Diepgen, Eberhard-Bild-4379-1 (cropped).jpg 1991–2001 CDU
Klaus Wowereit Wowereit.jpg 2001–2014 SPD
Michael Müller 2017-11-16 Michael Müller (Wiki Loves Parliaments 2017 in Berlin) by Sandro Halank.jpg 2014–2021 SPD
Franziska Giffey 2021- SPD