Mega Man 10

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Mega Man 10
Developer(s)Inti Creates, Capcom Japan
Producer(s)Keiji Inafune Edit this on Wikidata
Composer(s)Ippo Yamada
Minae Saito Edit this on Wikidata
SeriesMega Man
Platform(s)Wii (WiiWare), Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade), Playstation 3 (Playstation Network)
Mode(s)Single player

Mega Man 10 is a platform video game made by Capcom for the Wii's WiiWare service, Xbox Live Arcade, and Playstation Network. It is the sequel to Mega Man 9. Like Mega Man 9, it has the same graphics as the Nintendo Entertainment System Mega Man games. It was released during March 2010.

In Mega Man 10, players can play as one of two characters. They can play as Mega Man or Proto Man. In April 2010, Capcom released download content for the game which makes a third character, Bass, playable as well. The player chooses their character at the start of the game. Once they select their character, it cannot be changed.

Like in Mega Man 10, three difficulty settings are available. In higher difficulties, enemies and bosses have different attacks. Easy Mode is available for players who want an easier game.