Mega Man 8

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Mega Man 8
Producer(s)Keiji Inafune Edit this on Wikidata
SeriesMega Man Edit this on Wikidata
Platform(s)PlayStation, Sega Saturn
  • JPN: December 17, 1996

  • USA: February 27, 1997

  • PAL: November 1, 1997

Sega Saturn
  • JPN: January 17, 1997

  • USA: February 27, 1997
Genre(s)Action / Platform
Mode(s)Single player

Mega Man 8, known in Japan as Rockman 8 Metal Heroes (ロックマン8 メタルヒーローズ, Rokkuman Eito Metaru Hīrōzu), is a platform video game made by Capcom for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn game consoles. It stars the character Mega Man, the mascot of the franchise.