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Total population
Greek, Macedonian, Turkish
Orthodox Christianity, Sunni Islam (in Turkey)
Related ethnic groups
Aromanians, Daco-Romanians, Istro-Romanians

The Megleno-Romanians, are a small Eastern Romance people, originally living in seven villages in the Moglena region of Pella and Kilkis regional units of Central Macedonia, Greece, and one village, Huma, across the border in North Macedonia. The whole Inhabitans of the Village Nanti convert in 17th century to 18th century to Islam. They call themself Nantinets, and in Turkish Karacaovali, while the Greeks called them Karadjovalides. At the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, Muslim Megleno-Romanians together with other Non-Romani Muslims was expelled from Greece to settle in Turkey in East Thrace, especially in Edirne, where there intermarried often with Pomaks and other Peoples of Balkan in Turkey.[1]

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