Meier Schwarz

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Meier Schwarz (28 January 1926 – 12 January 2022) was a German-born Israeli plant physiologist, academic and Holocaust survivor. He was born in Nuremberg, Germany. Schwarz was head of the Department for Soilless Cultures at the Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research in Beer Sheva.[1]

Schwarz was President of the International Society for Soilless Cultures (ISOSC), and founder of the Natural Sciences Department of Teacher Education at the Jerusalem College and the Jerusalem College of Technology. He also served as President of The International Society of Religious Researchers.

His family were able to manage Schwarz to migrate to Israel in 1938 before being killed at Auschwitz concentration camp.[2]

Schwarz died on 23 January 2022 in Jerusalem, Israel, two weeks before his 96th birthday.[3]

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