Melaleuca leucadendra

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Weeping Tea Tree
Melaleuca leucadendron flowers.jpg
Scientific classification
M. leucadendra
Binomial name
Melaleuca leucadendra
(L.) L.

Melaleuca leucadendra is a tree which belongs to the Melaleuca genus. It is largely distributed in the northern parts of Australia (Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland). It is also found further north in the Solomon Islands and in New Guinea.[1] The Melaleuca leucadendra is similar to the Broad-leaf Paperbark (Melaleuca quinquenervia), which has a thick spongy bark. However, the Melaleuca leucadendra's foliage is of a brighter green and it has a slightly weeping habit.[1]

Melaleuca leucadendra is also given the common name Cajuput Tree, which is derived from the Malay word kayu putih (old Indonesian spelling: kaju putih) - meaning "white wood". Cajuput oil can be distilled from its leaves.

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