Men Behind the Sun

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Men Behind the Sun
Directed byT.F. Mous
Written byMei Liu
Wen Yuan Mou
Dun Jing Teng
Produced byFu Chi
Hung Chu
StarringGang Wang
Hsu Gou
Tie Long Jin
Zhao Hua Mei
Zhe Quan
Run Sheng Wang
Dai Wao Yu
Andrew Yu
Distributed byGrand Essex Enterprises
Release dates
  • 1 December 1988 (1988-12-01) (Hong Kong)
  • 10 March 1989 (1989-03-10) (United States)
Running time
105 minutes
CountriesHong Kong
Box officeTemplate:HKD11,092,186

Men Behind the Sun (Chinese: 黑太阳731 / 黑太陽731; pinyin: hēi tài yáng 731, literally meaning "Black Sun: 731") is a 1988 war-based horror movie. When it was released, the movie was rated III under the Hong Kong rating system (similar to the United States MPAA rating NC-17). The movie is about World War II with graphic materials. It was banned in some countries.

In Australia, it was refused classification. It was later rerated R18 on appeal.

In the United States, the movie was released without a rating.