Metroad 5, Sydney

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South Western Motorway

Metroad 5 is a metroad. It is 47km long. It is the only metroad in Sydney to be fully freeway standard. It starts from Campbelltown at the Narellan Road (Metroad 9) interchange and ends at General Holmes Drive near Sydney Airport. The suburbs Metroad 5 passes include Liverpool and Campbelltown. The South Western Motorway and the M5 Freeway are part of the metroad. Some of the exits are Campbelltown Road, Westlink M7 (Metroad 7), Hume Highway, Moorebank Avenue, Heathcote Road, Henry Lawson Drive, The River Road, Fairford Road (Metroad 6), Belmore Road, King Georges Road (Metroad 3) and Marsh Street. The M5 East Freeway Tunnel is a major tunnel in Metroad 5.