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"Mi querida España" ("My Dearest Spain" or "My Lovely Spain") is a song. It was written and sung by the Spanish songwriter Cecilia in 1975. It was included on her album Un ramito de violetas (A bouquet of violets). This song was considered a protest song in the last years of Francisco Franco's dictatorship because of its lyrics.[1]

Description[change | change source]

"Mi querida España" was a hit in the 1970s and became a part of Spanish music history.[2] It has become a national symbol.[3]

The lyrics include social criticism toward the Franco government.[1] Some sentences were considered controversial by the government authorities in those years. For example, where Cecilia sung:[4]

Spanish Esta España viva, esta España muerta
English This living Spain, this dead Spain

this was changed by the censors to this version:

Spanish Esta España mía, esta España nuestra
English This Spain of mine, this Spain of ours

Music video[change | change source]

The music video was filmed in Retiro Park, Madrid by Enrique Martí Maqueda, TVE's producer in those times, for the 1975 OTI Festival.

Other versions[change | change source]

In 1987, the Spanish band La Década Prodigiosa released a cover of the song.[5]

In 1996 (twenty years after Cecilia's death) it was published in a tribute album titled: Desde que tú te has ido (Since you are gone). Several artists sang her singles in memory of Cecilia. Miguel Bosé recorded this song.[source?]

In 2015 "Mi querida España" was performed by Kiko Veneno and Rozalen for the soundtrack of the Spanish movie Perdiendo el norte.[6]

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