Mia Novoa

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Mia Novoa
Grachi character
First appearanceA new witch
Created byMariela Romero
Occupationwitch, student
FamilyIgnacio "Nacho" Novoa (brother)

Mia Novoa is a character in the television series Grachi, is interpreted by actress, model and singer Venezuelan Maria Gabriela de Faria.[1] It is a new witch who studies in Escolarium, it is very bad and selfish and will do anything to be her boyfriend Daniel and destroy Grachi. His first appearance was in the last episode of the first season Grachi where a flower Grachi damage had created and Escolarium breaking a glass with magic, her eyes showed very strong orange color meant hatred and evil. She also has a birthmark shaped chandelier.

Personality[change | change source]

Mia is very selfish, brilliant and intelligent, magically solve everything that she thinks all witches should use their powers to have fun and make everything easier. She does not throw his spells as Grachi and Matilda, they throw it with your finger and see a glimmer, she appears purple smoke by closing his hand and leaving two fingers up being the index and the middle but when Athena Grachi launched the spell of forgetfulness she was in another world and knew nothing of magic but when Matilda, will not affect the spell, she said she is a witch spells all made with the finger.

Second season[change | change source]

In the first episode of the 2nd season was his second appearance in Grachi, the program begins where she is in her room that is purple, she gets up from her bed, using her magic dress and placed his shoes one at a time with magic and then comes his older brother Ignacio "Nacho" who knows nothing of magic, and says that breakfast is ready and to order her room, her room was so messy so I use magic and then comes back Nacho he said he was going to help but she says it is not necessary because it's over. Then decided to stroll Enchanted City (home), and meets Lucia Grachi and makes a spell to hear what they were talking and listening Grachi Lucia told him not to worry of evil witches because she is the Chosen (the most powerful witch, but no more than the tip), then wanted to go to the mall and opposite Grachi to pull conjures up a shelf full of many things but just then Grachi lifts, Mia showed making powers all the perfumes that she wanted to appear in her purse and commercial security came and told him to give the bag to check, but Mia threw a spell that made everything she would give it to him without to pay. In the last episode of the 2nd season she, Leo and Athena were becoming a wedding caeos Ursula and Francisco. In the end they are losing, Leo dies electrocuted, Athena was taken to prison for Ivis and Priscilla, as she and Matilda Grachi memory erased.

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