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Michelle Benson (born September 11, 1968, western Minnesota) is an American accountant[1] and politician. She is a member of the Republican Party. She is a member of the Minnesota Senate[2] for District 31. The district includes sections of Sherburne, Isanti and Anoka counties near the northern Twin Cities regional area.

Minnesota Senate[change | change source]

During 2010, Benson went against incumbent Debbie Johnson for the Republican nomination. She won the nomination and later the election.[3] Benson co-authored a bill that allowed businesses and individuals to discriminate against same-sex couples.[4] She voted against legislation that would have increased penalties for hate crimes.[5]

Running for Governor of Minnesota[change | change source]

Benson began her campaign to be the first female Governor of Minnesota on September 1, 2021.[6]

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