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Micronations are countries started by one or a group of people which are not seen as actual countries by the United Nations.[1] These countries are mostly used in people's heads, or on the internet.

People make micronations for lots of reasons. Some are to show they do not like their main country (for example the United Kingdom), or if they want to make money, or to use it as a place for themselves.

List[change | change source]

Here is a list of some Micronations;

Name Made on Description Website
Aerican Empire 8 May 1987 Made by Eric Lis as a boy for a bit of fun. A lot of it is in Canada. Website
Empire of Adammia 13 April 2013 Made by Adam the first. Most of it is in the United Kingdom and the United States. http://www.empireofadammia.org.uk/
Free Republic of Verdis 30 May 2019 Made by British-Australian activist Daniel Jackson along Pocket-3 of the Croatia-Serbia border dispute. Website
Empire of Austenasia 20 September 2008 Made by Terry and Jonathan Austen. Most of it is in Great Britain and North America. Website
Conch Republic 23 April 1982 Made by people from the city of Key West because they did not like the USA stopping them from getting stuff from other places. Website
Kingdom of Lovely 1 January 2005 Made for a TV special by Danny Wallace. Website
Principality of Sealand 2 September 1967 Made by Paddy Roy Bates on an old RAF fort named Roughs Tower. Website
Republic of Molossia 3 September 1999 An old nation run by Kevin Baugh. It was made in 1977. Website
Kingdom of Talossa December 26 1979 One of oldest still existing micro nations. [1]

Competitions[change | change source]

Some micronations play in competitions with other micronations.

Football[change | change source]

The biggest football organisation for micronations is known as the MFA (Micronational Football Association), founded by Joe Foxon in 2009. It has 13 micronations from 7 countries as members. It makes a competition every 4 years called the MFA World Cup for all the micronations in the world to play in. The first World Cup will be in Southern England in 2013.

Singing[change | change source]

Every year there is a singing competition called the MicroVision Song Contest. Micronations make a song and put it on the internet, and then other micronations vote for the best song. The winner then makes the next one.

Other websites[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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