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A microsecond (sometimes shortened to μs) is one millionth of a second. This page lists times between 10−6 seconds (1 microsecond) and 10−5 seconds (10 microseconds).

One microsecond contains 1000 nanoseconds. There are 1000 microseconds in one millisecond.

  • 1 microsecond – the amount of time it takes for a high-speed camera flash to finish.
  • 2 microseconds – the life time of a muonium particle
  • 2.68 microseconds – the amount of time subtracted from the Earth Day as a result of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.
  • 3.33564095 microseconds – the time it takes for light to travel one kilometer in a vacuum
  • 5.4 microseconds – the time it takes for light light to travel one mile in a vacuum
  • 15 microseconds – the amount of time added to an Earth year by the Moon every year.
  • 38 microseconds - difference in GPS satellite time because of relativity
  • 240 microseconds (0.24 milliseconds) - half-life of ununbium 277
  • 45.9 Microseconds - The time dilation of GPS satellites At 20,200 Km for 24 hours.