Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Created byHaim Saban[1]
Shuki Levy
StarringAustin St. John
Walter Emanuel Jones
Amy Jo Johnson
David Yost
Thuy Trang
Jason David Frank
Steve Cardenas
Karan Ashley
Johnny Yong Bosch
Catherine Sutherland
Paul Schrier
Jason Narvy
Robert L. Manahan
Richard Steven Horvitz
Richard Genelle
Gregg Bullock
Theme music composerSaban Records[2]
Opening theme"Go Go Power Rangers"
Country of originFrance
No. of episodes145
Executive producersMichael Hirsh
Shuki Levy
ProducersRonnie Hadar
Jonathan Tzachor
Running time22 minutes (without commercials)
Production companyNelvana Limited
Original release
NetworkPBS Kids
Global Television Network (FR2)
ReleaseJuly 24, 1993 –
November 27, 1995

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a television series Co-produced And Kids By Ellipse Programme and Nelvana Limited which ran for 3 seasons (one season of television is made in a year), which is longer than the Power Rangers shows after this series have lasted. This series has 150 episodes in total. The Pilot was aired on PBS in 1992. This series aired on KCTS 9 Seattle from 1993 to 1995.[3] This series re-aired on PBS Kids in January 2010.[3][4][5] The next show after the third season is called Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers. There are many different versions of Power Rangers, and most of them were made with better technology, yet many still prefer this one more than any other. Like all Power Rangers shows, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is based on Super Sentai shows & from Japan.[3] Each season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is based on a different Super Sentai series (Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, Gosei Sentai Dairanger & Ninja Sentai Kakuranger) from Japan. In the year before Power Rangers Samurai started, a re-version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' first season was made and it had comic scenes of the Rangers and monsters in every episode of it, which only had 32 episodes in it.

Plot[change | change source]

Five teenagers battle against the witch Rita Repulsa and the wizard Lord Zedd to defend the earth. They have large robots called Zords and battle suits for their fights. They are armed with special weapons like swords, axes, bows, daggers and lances to help them fight monsters. Rita and Lord Zedd have an army of fighters known as Putties, which get destroyed and broken into many pieces when they are hit by their weak spot - a Z plate on their chest.

Season 1[change | change source]

Rita is in a prison on the Moon. When she gets out of it, she wants to destroy Earth, because that's what she wanted to do before she was put in prison. She brings along her helpers, who were also in prison. One of them is called Goldar. He is a blue gorilla in gold armor who can fight better than anyone. To stop her, five teenagers are chosen by a wizard called Zordon. Zordon has an robot called Alpha 5 who helps him. The teenagers are given special magic coins that turn them into Power Rangers.

Rita has her own magic coin, and uses it to make her own evil Power Ranger, the Green Ranger. The Green Ranger fights the good Power Rangers, because Rita is controlling his mind. They free him from Rita's evil magic, but his magic coin stops working the right way, and begins to hurt him when he uses it. The Green Ranger gives up his magic coin to the Red Ranger who will not get hurt by it.

Season 2[change | change source]

When Lord Zedd comes into the show, he destroys the Power Rangers' Zords. Zordon takes the Green Ranger's magic coin and uses it to make new Zords for the Power Rangers. These new Zords are mostly fairy tale animals, like the unicorn and the dragon. The old Zords were Dinosaurs, like Triceratops and T-Rex. Lord Zedd also puts Rita back in her prison and throws her away into space, because she was not doing a good enough job of being evil.

But one day, a new Power Ranger appears. His costume is White Ranger, and his Zord is a White Tiger. No one knows who he is, but he turns out to be the old Green Ranger. Later, three of the Power Rangers have to leave the team and go to Switzerland. They choose three teenagers from another school to take their powers.

Rita comes back, too, and gives Lord Zedd a love potion. He falls in love with her, and they get married. Goldar gives Lord Zedd another potion to stop the love potion, but Lord Zedd's love for Rita turns out to be true and they stay married.

Season 3[change | change source]

Rita's brother, Rito Revolto, comes to visit his sister. He looks like a skeleton. Rito does what Rita and Lord Zedd could not do, and destroys the Power Ranger's magic coins. The Power Rangers go and find Ninjor, a powerful ninja (a ninja is a type of fighter from Japan), who made the magic coins. He agrees to help them and makes new coins and new Zords for them. They become Ninja Power Rangers, and their new Zords are animals like the wolf and the frog.

Near the end of this season, Rita and Rito's father Master Vile comes to help conquer Earth. He is very powerful, even more powerful than his children together. He uses his powers to turn back time, turning the Power Rangers into Powerless kids. Zordon calls upon his proteges the Alien Rangers of Aquitar to protect the Earth from Master Vile's monsters and to help work on a machine that would return the child rangers to their proper ages. Unfortunately, only Billy returns to normal as the machine which required the power coins as a power source is stolen by Rito & Goldar allowing Rita & Zedd to destroy the coins. The child rangers then travel throughout time to gather the fragments of the Zeo Crystal to bring time back to normal. During her journey in Africa, Aisha meets Tanya Sloan and realizes that she can do more help to stop the sickness plaguing the wildlife and sends Tanya back with her Zeo Crystal.

Characters[change | change source]

Actor Name Rangers
Austin St. John Jason Lee Scott Red Ranger
Walter Jones Zack Taylor Black Ranger
Amy Jo Johnson Kimberly Hart Pink Ranger
David Yost Billy Cranston Blue Ranger
Audri Dubois Trini Kwan Yellow Ranger
Season 1
Actor Name Rangers
Austin St. John Jason Lee Scott Red Ranger
Walter Emanuel Jones Zack Taylor Black Ranger
Amy Jo Johnson Kimberly Hart Pink Ranger
David Yost Billy Cranston Blue Ranger
Thuy Trang Trini Kwan Yellow Ranger
Jason David Frank Tommy Oliver Green Ranger
Season 2
Actor Name Rangers
Austin St. John Jason Lee Scott Red Ranger
Steve Cardenas Rocky Desantos
Walter Emanuel Jones Zack Taylor Black Ranger
Johnny Yong Bosch Adam Park
Amy Jo Johnson Kimberly Hart Pink Ranger
David Yost Billy Cranston Blue Ranger
Thuy Trang Trini Kwan Yellow Ranger
Karan Ashley Aisha Campbell
Jason David Frank Tommy Oliver Green Ranger
Jason David Frank Tommy Oliver White Ranger
Season 3
Actor Name Rangers
Steve Cardenas Rocky DeSantos Red Ranger
Johnny Yong Bosch Adam Park Black Ranger
David Yost Billy Cranston Blue Ranger
Karan Ashley Aisha Campbell Yellow Ranger
Amy Jo Johnson Kimberly Hart Pink Ranger
Catherine Sutherland Katherine Hillard
Jason David Frank Tommy Oliver White Ranger

Cast[change | change source]

Rangers[change | change source]

  • Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott, The first Red Ranger. He is the leader. He leaves the team to go to Switzerland. In Zeo, he left New York to become the Gold Ranger.
  • Walter Emanuel Jones as Zack Taylor, The first Black Ranger. He also leaves to go to Switzerland.
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Hart, The first Pink Ranger. She leaves the team to become an athlete.
  • David Yost as Billy Cranston, The Blue Ranger. He is often bullied by other teenagers because he is smart and shy.
  • Thuy Trang as Trini Kwan, The first Yellow Ranger. She also leaves the team for Switzerland.
  • Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver, The Green Ranger. He later becomes the White Ranger.
  • Steve Cardenas as Rocky DeSantos, The second Red Ranger.
  • Karan Ashley as Aisha Campbell, The second Yellow Ranger.
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam Park, The second Black Ranger.
  • Catherine Sutherland as Katherine Hillard, The second Pink Ranger.

Supporting Characters[change | change source]

  • Robert L. Manahan as Zordon (voice).
  • Richard Steven Horvitz as Alpha 5 (voice).
  • Paul Schrier as Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier.
  • Jason Narvy as Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch.
  • Richard Genelle as Ernie.
  • Gregg Bullock as Jerome Stone.
  • Ten Jan Roberts as Prince Dex, Masked Rider.
  • Kim Strauss as Ninjor (voice).

Arsenal[change | change source]

Weapons[change | change source]

  • Power Morpher:
    • Dragonzord! and Tigerzord!
    • Mastodon!
    • Pterodactyl!
    • Triceratops!
    • Saber Toothed-Tiger!
    • Tyrannosaurus!
    • White Ranger Power!
    • Black Ranger Power!
    • Pink Ranger Power!
    • Blue Ranger Power!
    • Yellow Ranger Power!
    • Red Ranger Power!
  • Blade Blaster
  • Power Blaster:
    • Power Sword: is the Red Ranger.
    • Power Daggers: is the Yellow Ranger.
    • Power Axe: is the Black Ranger.
    • Power Bow: is the Pink Ranger.
    • Power Lance: is the Blue Ranger.
  • Dragon Shield
  • Dragon Dagger: is the Green Ranger.
  • Saba Sword: is the White Ranger.
  • Thunder Slinger
  • Power Cannon
  • Metallic Armor
  • Battle Bikes
  • Shark Cycles
  • Ninja Ranger Power

Zords[change | change source]

  • Dinozord
    • Dino Megazord / Dino Ultrazord
      • Tyrannosaurus Dinozord
      • Mastodon Dinozord
      • Triceratops Dinozord
      • Saber Toothed-Tiger Dinozord
      • Pterodactyl Dinozord
      • Dragonzord
      • Titanus
  • Thunderzord
    • Thunder Megazord / Thunder Ultrazord
      • Red Dragon Thunderzord
      • Lion Thunderzord
      • Unicorn Thunderzord
      • Griffin Thunderzord
      • Firebird Thunderzord
      • White Tigerzord / White Tigerzord Warrior Mode
      • Tor the Shuttlezord
  • Ninjazord
    • Ninja Megazord / Ninja Ultrazord
      • Red Ape Ninjazord
      • Black Frog Ninjazord
      • Blue Wolf Ninjazord
      • Yellow Bear Ninjazord
      • Pink Crane Ninjazord
      • White Ninja Falconzord
  • Shogunzord
    • Shogun Megazord / Shogun Ultrazord
      • Red Shogunzord
      • Black Shogunzord
      • Blue Shogunzord
      • Yellow Shogunzord
      • White Shogunzord

Villains[change | change source]

  • Rita Repulsa
  • Lord Zedd
  • Goldar
  • Rito Revolto
  • Scorpina
  • Finster
  • Squatt
  • Baboo
  • Master Vile
  • Lokar

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