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Type Co-operative
When it was created 1925
Headquarters Zürich, ZH,  Switzerland
Things made supermarkets, petrol, electronics, books, homewares, etc... (mainly)
Money earned 20.64 billion CHF (2006)
Operating income 754 million CHF (2006)
Employees 79 000 (2006)
Website www.migros.ch

Migros is a supermarket chain found in Switzerland and other countries.

History[change | change source]

It was started in 1925 by Gottfried Duttweiler. He started in Zürich with a wagon and sold products 40% cheaper than others. At first he sold only coffee, rice, sugar, noodles, coconut oil and soap. Later, he started selling more and in 1926, Duttweiler built his first market, also in Zürich.

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