Mika Yoshida

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Mika Yoshida
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OccupationProfessional Go player

Mika Yoshida (吉田美香) is a Japanese professional Go player at Kansai Ki-in,[1][2] Osaka. She is known as one of the most strongest player from Osaka in the 1990s through the 2000s.

Records[change | change source]

Year Notes[1][2]
1986 Obtained professional status
1993-1996 Obtained the Women's Honinbo (女流本因坊), she is the first Kansai Ki-in player to obtain this title.
1994 and 1996 Received the Kansai Go & Shogi Reporter Club Award (関西囲碁将棋記者クラブ賞)
1995 Lecturer at NHK Go Lessons (ja:NHK囲碁講座) at NHK Educational TV
2000 Victory at the Professional Pair Go Championship. She also reached to 7 dan rank in this year (In Japan, only few female players have reached to this rank).
2001 Finalist at the Women's Champion title (女流最強位)
2002 Written an essay on Asahi Shinbun (棋士のひとりごと)
2002-2005 Victory at Kansai Ladies Go Tournament
2003 Reached to 8 dan rank in this year (She is the first female 8-dan player at Kansai Ki-in, and the 3rd female 8-dan player in Japan)
2019 She became the first female commentator at the NHK Cup Television Go Tournament (she commented about Rina Fujisawa's and Yukari Yoshihara's game).

Awards from Kansai Ki-in[change | change source]

Name of award Notes[1][2]
Rookie Award (新人賞) Received in 1989
Yamano Award (山野賞[3]) Received 5 times
Dogen Award (道玄賞[3]) Received 4 times
Risen Award (利仙賞[3]), Nagai Award (永井賞[3]), and the Special Award Received Once

Notes[change | change source]

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