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A graduation parade of the Royal Military College, Duntroon

A military academy or service academy is an institution for millitary officers. It prepares candidates for service in the officer corps. It normally provides education in a military environment depending on the country concerned.[1][2]

There are three types of academy exist:

  • Pre-collegiate-level institutions awarding academic qualifications
  • University-level institutions awarding bachelor's-degree-level qualifications
  • Those preparing Officer Cadets for commissioning into the armed services of the state.

Earlier, the academies were established in the 18th century to provide new officers for technically specialized corps, such as military engineers and artillery, with scientific training.

In the United States, the United States Military Academy (USMA) is one such institution. It is located at West Point, New York. It was founded on March 16, 1802. It is one of five service academies in the nation.[3]

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  • Cadet, Linton Hall, Linton Hall Military School Memories: One cadet's memoir, Scrounge Press, 2014. ISBN 9781495931963 Memoir of cadet who attended a military school for boys ages 6 to 16.

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