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Milk shake

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A strawberry milk shake

A milk shake, or milkshake, is a cold drink made by mixing milk, ice cream, and sweet syrups like chocolate syrup. Usually a blender is used for the mixing. People usually drink milkshakes with a drinking straw and from a tall glass or cup.

Comparison between smoothies and milkshakes[change | change source]

Milk shakes are similar to smoothies. Smoothies are a type of cold drink made with an electric blender. Smoothies are made with a liquid (either milk, fruit juice, or water), crushed ice or ice cubes, different fruits, and honey or maple syrup.

In popular culture[change | change source]

Milk shakes and other cold drinks such as "ice cream floats" (a scoop of ice cream placed in a glass of cola or other carbonated soda drink) or "malts" (a milk shake with malt powder added to it) were popular among teenagers in the 1950s. Teenagers would go to ice cream parlors and order cold drinks.