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Ministry of Justice (Spain)

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Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Spain (Madrid)

The Ministry of Justice (in Spanish: Ministerio de Justicia - previously called Ministerio de Gracia y Justicia, Ministerio de Justicia y Culto, Ministerio de Sanidad, Trabajo y Justicia and Ministerio de Interior y Justicia) is one of the departments of the Government of Spain. The current minister of Justice is Dolores Delgado García.[1]

It's headquarters is located in Madrid, in the Palacio de la Marquesa de la Sonora.

Tasks[change | change source]

Excma. Sra. Dña. Dolores Delgado García. Minister of Justice and Grand Notary of the Kingdom of Spain.

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for the preparation and execution of government policy on development of law (criminal law, civil law, commercial law, ...), rights and religious freedom and worship, prerogative of mercy and titles of nobility and greatness of Spain.

In addition, the department shall be responsible for policy for the organization and support for the administration of justice, international judicial cooperation, as well as with the Autonomous Communities, in coordination with other relevant departments in this area. The ministry is also one that provides legal assistance to State.

References[change | change source]

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