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Misirlou is a song known around the world with Eastern Mediterranean origins.

Melody[change | change source]

\new Staff {
  \relative c'' {
    \key c \major
    \time 4/4
    \repeat volta 2 {
      d,4. ees8 fis4 g
      a4. bes8 cis4 bes
      a1 ~
      a2. r4
    } \break
    bes8 a4 bes8 a4 g
    a8 g4 a8 g4 fis8 d
    fis1 ~
    fis2. r4 \break
    a8 g4 a8 g4 fis
    g8 fis4 g8 fis4 fis8 ees
    \repeat volta 2 {
      d8 d cis d dis e f fis \break
      g1 ~
      g2. fis8 g
      a1 ~
      a2. g8 a \break
      bes2. a4
      cis2. a8 cis
      d1 ~
      d2. r4 \break
      ees8 d4 ees8 d4 c
      d8 c4 d8 c4 bes
      a1 ~
      a2. r4 \break
      c8 bes4 c8 bes4 a
      bes8 a4 bes8 a4 g8 ees
    d1 ~
    d2. r4 \bar "|."
} }

\midi {
  \context {
    tempoWholesPerMinute = #(ly:make-moment 220 4)