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Mitraillette (fast food).jpg
A half baguette Mitraillette
Alternative namesAméricain[1]
Place of originBelgium[1]
Region or stateBrussels
Main ingredientsBread, Meat, Fries with various sauces

A Mitraillette (French pronunciation: ​[mitʁajɛt], literally "submachine gun"), is a type of food from Belgium.[2] It might come from Brussels, but is also popular in Flanders, Wallonia and the Nord region of France, where it is also known as an "Américain" (literally an "American").[1][3]

Composition[change | change source]

A typical mitraillette consists of:[2][4][5]

Crudités are often included (grated carrot, fresh lettuce, tomato slices), though different in each location. Cheese and cabbage are also sometimes included.[6]

Originally mitraillettes only contained a sausage or sliced meat. Different versions quickly became available. Often, dürüms are served instead in more multicultural areas.

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