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Mittelland Canal
Course of the Mittelland Canal
Length325.7 km (202 mi)
Construction began1906
Date completed1938
Start pointDortmund-Ems Canal at Hörstel (near Rheine, Germany
End pointElbe River and Elbe-Havel Canal near Magdeburg, Germany
Beginning coordinates52°16′37″N 7°36′18″E / 52.27694°N 7.60500°E / 52.27694; 7.60500
Ending coordinates52°14′46″N 11°44′49″E / 52.24611°N 11.74694°E / 52.24611; 11.74694

The Mittelland Canal is a major canal in central Germany. It is the main east-west inland waterway. It also links France, Switzerland and the Benelux countries with Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic Sea. At 325.7 kilometres (202.4 miles) it is the longest artificial waterway in Germany. It goes from the Dortmund-Ems Canal to the Elbe River near Magdeburg, where it joins the Elbe-Havel Canal.

Building was started in 1906, and the final section to Magdeburg was opened in 1938.[1]

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