Miyazaki Prefecture

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Miyazaki Prefecture
Japanese: 宮崎県
Map of Japan with Miyazaki highlighted
Capital Miyazaki
Region Kyushu
Island Kyushu
Governor Shunji Kono (since 20 January 2011)
Area (rank) 6,684.67 km² (19th)
 - % water 0.3%
Population  (December 1, 2010)
 - Population 1,128,412 (37th)
 - Density 168.81 /km²
Districts 6
Municipalities 26
ISO 3166-2 JP-45
Website www.pref.miyazaki.lg.jp
Prefectural Symbols
 - Flower Hamayu (Crinum asiaticum var. japonicum)
 - Tree Phoenix palm (Phoenix canariensis)
 - Bird Ijima copper pheasant (Phasianus soemmerringii ijimae)
 - Fish
Symbol of Miyazaki Prefecture
Symbol of Miyazaki Prefecture
The Flag of Miyazaki Prefecture

Miyazaki Prefecture (宮崎県, Miyazaki-ken) is a prefecture in the Kyūshū region of Japan on the island of Kyushu. The capital city is Miyazaki.[1]

History[change | change source]

After the Meiji Restoration, the area of Hyūga Province was renamed Miyazaki Prefecture.[2]

Miyazaki is famous for various foods such as meat and fruit.

Geography[change | change source]

Miyazaki Prefecture is on the eastern coast of the island of Kyūshū. The southeast coastline faces the Pacific Ocean. Ōita Prefecture is north of Miyazaki. Kumamoto and Kagoshima Prefectures are to the west.

Cities[change | change source]

National parks[change | change source]

National parks are established in about 12% of the total land area of the prefecture.[3]

Plants[change | change source]

Miyazaki is one of only two locations on Earth where the fungus Chorioactis geaster lives.[4]

Shrines and temples[change | change source]

Tsuno jinja is the main Shinto shrine (ichinomiya) in the prefecture.[5]

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Coordinates: 32°1′N 131°21′E / 32.017°N 131.350°E / 32.017; 131.350