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A knee scooter, a type of orthopedic aid

Mobility aids (or orthopedic aids) are devices that are designed to help people walk or move better. They can make people hurt less and feel less pain.[1] An example is a wheelchair.

Types[change | change source]

There are two types of orthopedic aids. One type means people can move part of the body less. The other type means people put less weight on their feet.[1] Splints, knee braces, shoe adjustments, position aids and abduction casts are orthopedic aids.[1][2]

Using[change | change source]

Children with a disability are two times more likely than children who do not have a disability to use an orthopedic aid.[3]

Around the world[change | change source]

In Croatia, health insurance pays for orthopedic aids for people less than 18 years old, or people who got hurt while working.[4]

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