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A mockbuster (also called a knockbuster or a drafting opportunity[1]) is a movie made to take advantage of the publicity of a similar major movie. These types of movies are often made on a low budget. They are made to be released direct-to-video at the same time that the original movie is released in theaters or on video.

Mockbusters are often made to make customers mistakenly buy the movie instead of the one that they wanted. For example, someone may think that they are buying Transformers, but they are actually buying Transmorphers, a mockbuster that was released in 2007.[2] Because of this, a mockbuster will often use a title similar to the original movie.

Many mockbusters are made in a different country than the one that the original movie was made in. There are many Turkish, Italian, German, French and Brazilian versions of American movies, as well as sequels that were not made by the people who made the original movie.

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