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Implements {{High-use}}. Uses bot-updated values from subpages of Module:Transclusion_count/data/ when available.

Usage[change source]

{{#invoke:High-use|main|1=number of transclusions|2=discussion page, or use + notation|all-pages=|info=|demo=|form=|expiry=}}

  • number of transclusions: The first paramter is either a static number of times the template has been transcluded, or the word "risk" (without quotes) to display "a very large number of" instead of the actual value. This value will be ignored if transclusion data is available for the current page.
  • discussion page, or use + notation: The second parameter is overloaded. It will cause the number of transclusions to display as "#,###+" instead of "approximately #,###" when set equal to "yes" (without quotes). When used in this manner, values will be rounded down, instead of rounded to the nearest number with the appropriate number of significant figures. When set to any other non-blank value, it will replace the link to the template's talk page to the value of the parameter (for example, 2=WP:VPT will insert a link to WP:VPT),
  • all-pages=yes: Will also output what percentage of all pages use the template. This should only be used for very highly transcluded templates.
  • info=extra information: When set to non-blank, will insert extra information into the template text if the template has more than 10,000 transclusions or paramter 1 is set to "risk".
  • demo=Template_name: Will use the transclusion count for the template at Template:Template_name instead of detecting what template it is being used on. Capitalization must exactly match the value used in Special:PrefixIndex/Module:Transclusion_count/data/.
  • form=: When set to "editnotice", will display the message using {{editnotice}} instead of {{ombox}}.
  • expiry=: Sets the |expiry= paramtere for {{editnotice}}.


The above are drop-in replacements for {{High-use/num}}, {{High-use/text}}, and {{High-use/risk}}, and take the same parameters.

local p = {}

-- _fetch looks at the "demo" argument.
local _fetch = require('Module:Transclusion_count').fetch

function p.num(frame, count)
	if count == nil then count = _fetch(frame) end
	-- Build output string
	local return_value = ""
	if count == nil then
		if frame.args[1] == "risk" then
			return_value = "a very large number of"
			return_value = "many"
		-- Use 2 significant figures for smaller numbers and 3 for larger ones
		local sigfig = 2
		if count >= 100000 then
			sigfig = 3
		-- Prepare to round to appropriate number of sigfigs
		local f = math.floor(math.log10(count)) - sigfig + 1
		-- Round and insert "approximately" or "+" when appropriate
		if (frame.args[2] == "yes") or (mw.ustring.sub(frame.args[1],-1) == "+") then
			-- Round down
			return_value = string.format("%s+", mw.getContentLanguage():formatNum(math.floor( (count / 10^(f)) ) * (10^(f))) )
			-- Round to nearest
			return_value = string.format("approximately %s", mw.getContentLanguage():formatNum(math.floor( (count / 10^(f)) + 0.5) * (10^(f))) )
		-- Insert percentage of pages if that is likely to be >= 1%
		if count and count > 250000 then
			local percent = math.floor( ( (count/frame:callParserFunction('NUMBEROFPAGES', 'R') ) * 100) + 0.5)
			if percent >= 1 then
				return_value = string.format("%s pages, or roughly %s%% of all", return_value, percent)
	return return_value
-- Actions if there is a large (greater than or equal to 100,000) transclusion count
function p.risk(frame)
	local return_value = ""
	if frame.args[1] == "risk" then
		return_value = "risk"
		local count = _fetch(frame)
		if count and count >= 100000 then return_value = "risk" end
	return return_value

function p.text(frame, count)
	-- Only show the information about how this template gets updated if someone
	-- is actually editing the page and maybe trying to update the count.
	local bot_text = (frame:preprocess("{{REVISIONID}}") == "") and "\n\n----\n'''Preview message''': Transclusion count updated automatically ([[Template:High-use/doc#Technical details|see documentation]]</small>)." or ''
	if count == nil then count = _fetch(frame) end
	local title = mw.title.getCurrentTitle()
	if title.subpageText == "doc" or title.subpageText == "sandbox" then
		title = title.basePageTitle
	local systemMessages = frame.args['system']
	if frame.args['system'] == '' then
		systemMessages = nil
	local templateCount = ('on [ %s pages].'):format(
		mw.title.getCurrentTitle().namespace, mw.uri.encode(title.text), p.num(frame, count))
	local used_on_text = "'''This " .. (mw.title.getCurrentTitle().namespace == 828 and "Lua module" or "template") .. ' is used ';
	if systemMessages then
		used_on_text = used_on_text .. systemMessages ..
			((count and count > 2000) and (",''' and " .. templateCount) or (".'''"))
		used_on_text = used_on_text .. templateCount .. "'''"
	local sandbox_text =  ("%s's [[%s/sandbox|/sandbox]] or [[%s/testcases|/testcases]] subpages, or in your own [[%s]]. "):format(
		(mw.title.getCurrentTitle().namespace == 828 and "module" or "template"),
		title.fullText, title.fullText,
		mw.title.getCurrentTitle().namespace == 828 and "Module:Sandbox|module sandbox" or "Wikipedia:User pages#SUB|user subpage"
	if (systemMessages or frame.args[1] == "risk" or (count and count >= 100000) ) then
		local info = systemMessages and '<br/>Changes to it can cause immediate changes to the Wikipedia user interface.' or ''
		if frame.args["info"] and frame.args["info"] ~= "" then
			info = info .. "<br />" .. frame.args["info"]
		sandbox_text = info .. '<br /> To avoid major disruption' ..
			(count and count >= 100000 and ' and server load' or '') ..
			', any changes should be tested in the ' .. sandbox_text ..
			'The tested changes can be added to this page in a single edit. '
		sandbox_text = ' and changes may be widely noticed. Test changes in the ' .. sandbox_text

	local discussion_text = systemMessages and 'Please discuss changes ' or 'Consider discussing changes '
	if frame.args["2"] and frame.args["2"] ~= "" and frame.args["2"] ~= "yes" then
		discussion_text = string.format("%sat [[%s]]", discussion_text, frame.args["2"])
		discussion_text = string.format("%son the [[%s|talk page]]", discussion_text, title.talkPageTitle.fullText )
	return used_on_text .. sandbox_text .. discussion_text .. " before implementing them." .. bot_text

function p.main(frame)
	local count = _fetch(frame)
	local image = "[[File:Ambox warning yellow.svg|40px|alt=Warning|link=]]"
	local type_param = "style"
	local epilogue = ''
	if frame.args['system'] and frame.args['system'] ~= '' then
		image = "[[File:Ambox important.svg|40px|alt=Warning|link=]]"
		type_param = "content"
		local nocat = frame:getParent().args['nocat'] or frame.args['nocat']
		local categorise = (nocat == '' or not require('Module:Yesno')(nocat))
		if categorise then
			epilogue = frame:preprocess('{{Sandbox other||{{#switch:{{#invoke:Effective protection level|{{#switch:{{NAMESPACE}}|File=upload|#default=edit}}|{{FULLPAGENAME}}}}|sysop|templateeditor|interfaceadmin=|#default=[[Category:Pages used in system messages needing protection]]}}}}')
	elseif (frame.args[1] == "risk" or (count and count >= 100000)) then
		image = "[[File:Ambox warning orange.svg|40px|alt=Warning|link=]]"
		type_param = "content"
	if frame.args["form"] == "editnotice" then
		return frame:expandTemplate{
				title = 'editnotice',
				args = {
						["image"] = image,
						["text"] = p.text(frame, count),
						["expiry"] = (frame.args["expiry"] or "")
		} .. epilogue
		return require('Module:Message box').main('ombox', {
			type = type_param,
			image = image,
			text = p.text(frame, count),
			expiry = (frame.args["expiry"] or "")
		}) .. epilogue

return p