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This is the documentation page for Module:Sports table

This Lua-based module is meant to build group and league tables for sports as well. Note that this module is used extensively, so test potential changes rigorously in the sandbox and please ensure consensus exists before implementing major changes. The rest of this documentation explains how the set-up of the module. Refer to individual style pages for detailed usage instructution

Usage[change source]

The basic command is {{#invoke:Sports table|main|style=XXX}}

Style[change source]

The XXX in style=XXX is to be replaced by one of the following available styles:

General styles[change source]

  • WDL – For tables with a win-draw-loss system
  • WL – For tables with a win-loss system
  • WL PK – For tables with a win-loss system that gives different weights to wins and losses from a penalty kick shootout
  • WL OT – For tables with a win-loss system that gives different weights to overtime wins
  • WL OTL tiebreak – For tables with a win-loss-OT loss system and a separate tiebreak column
  • WL goal points – For tables with a win-loss system that gives additional points for goals
  • WDLHA – For tables with separate home and away win-draw-loss accounting
  • WLHA – For tables with separate home and away win-loss accounting
  • WDL OT – For tables with a win-loss system which allow draws or overtime wins in certain situations
  • PP – For simple tables which only show games played and number of points
  • Round robin
  • Custom – For tables in which the number of columns and all column headers are specified as inputs, for greater customization

Sport or league specific styles[change source]

More styles[change source]

The module uses Lua to create the tables. Most functionality is obtained from the main module, but specific column formatting comes from the style sub-modules. The existing styles can handle a lot of different options. In case you need additional options it could be useful to create a new style. Note that some tweaking of an existing style could give you the functionality you need, rather than creating a completely new style. In case you do create a new style, you might want to refer to the Lua reference manual.

Other options[change source]

Other options can be used, for example: {{#invoke:Sports table|main|style=WL OT |sortable_table = yes |source=ICC |update=July 28, 2018


"yes" makes the table columns sortable


Adds a link which should point to a web resource with the information for verifying or updating the table


Gives the date when the table info was last updated. This is to be set manually - it's not automatically changed when someone changes the table.


Set to left or right to float the table to the left or right on the page


To append a reference to the title and suppress the need for a source at the foot of the table