Mogilev Region

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Mahilyow Voblasts
Магілёўская во́бласць
Могилёвская о́бласть
Mogilev Oblast
The Saint Nicholas Monastery, Mogilev
The Saint Nicholas Monastery, Mogilev
Location of Mahilyow Voblasts
Coordinates: 53°55′N 30°21′E / 53.92°N 30.35°E / 53.92; 30.35Coordinates: 53°55′N 30°21′E / 53.92°N 30.35°E / 53.92; 30.35
Administrative centerMogilev
Largest citiesMogilev - 365,100
Babruysk - 220,800
Asipovichy - 34,700
Towns - 14
Urban localities - 12
City raions3
 • ChairmanPyotr Rudnik
 • Total29,000 km2 (11,000 sq mi)
Highest elevation
239 m (784 ft)
Lowest elevation
126 m (413 ft)
 • Total1,099,374
 • Density40/km2 (100/sq mi)

Mogilev Region, also Mahilyow Voblasts (Province) or Mogilyov Oblast is a province (voblast) of Belarus. The administrative center is Mogilyov (Mahilyow).

Mogilev and Homyel Voblasts suffered severely after the Chernobyl nuclear radioactive reactor catastrophe in April 1986.

Important cities in the voblast are: Mogilyov, Asipovichy, and Babruysk.

Many rivers flow through the Mahilyow Voblast. They include the: Dnieper River (Dniapro), Berezina, Sozh, Druts, Pronya and Ptsich rivers.

There are 21 districts (raions), 195 selsovets, 14 towns, 3 city municipalities, and 12 urban-type settlements.